Get Your Mentor.

Develop a Trading Plan. Stop Losing Money.


2-Month long completely digital mentorship: weekly calls with homeworks, assignments, and complete guidance.

During the 2-hour calls we’re focusing on your individual pain points in a bootcamp manner, where you can quickly rehearse & reiterate with your mentor! Instead of rushing through, we’re working together at your own pace.

New: You can now partially select the modules you’d like to take! 😉


Complete Evaluation of your personal situation: what trading style is best for you?

Personality Test in order to determine your character type: this is crucial to find out, if you’re risk-taking by nature.


The weekly mentorship sessions get accompanied by 10 hours of indepth video education. Learn the chart anatomy, understand your own trading psychology, and learn the different strategies that traders apply.

You can at any time pause & rewatch the videos for unclear concepts: You’ll have lifetime access to the material.


In our 24/7 Slack group you’ll be able to exchange strategies, and train your knowledge actively. You can post your own setups or just see what others are looking at currently.

No matter how good you think you are: 100 eyes see more than 2.

Let's hunt together.


Murat, 23, works at hedge fund

Edgy’s Mentorship has given me incredible knowledge for my tasks at my hedge fund. I learned many things which are crucial in the hedge fund business, like ‘slippage’ in orders among many others.

Altogether, I had great value during the mentorship, learning how to recognize patterns myself, up to the anticipation of pattern forming. I have understood position sizing without taking too much risk. Deniz never stayed short off going the extra mile, and we had many personal talks about the current fundamentals in crypto space. I can fully recommend anyone who wants to learn technical analysis from the core to start with Edgy.

Robert, 42, Musician

I’m a gitarrist by profession, until I got rheumatism in my hands, and had to find something else. After making great gains with Crypto in 2017, I kept on HODLing and trusting some Moonboys & fake gurus on TradingView, up until I lost almost everything.

Deniz’s course has helped me a lot to understand & read the chart, it is filled with information & dozens of PDF’s. I liked most when we was showing me stuff on Teamviewer, it helped me a lot to have the personal connection and directly ask him questions. I can recommend anyone who still makes mistakes to give Deniz a call, he knows what he’s doing! I wish you a great trading! 😉


1. Application

Apply for the mentorship. We highly recommend the 2-Month Full Mentorship, if you have the money & time to commit, since you’ll get the most value that way.

2. Free Consultation Call

A free call, in order to see, if Edgy’s program is right for you, and what you can expect out of it. If you don’t have the money or time to commit for the full program, you could do the Mentorship Lite or start just partially.

3. Payment & Access to Mentorship Documents

Once you’ve made your decision to join the mentorship, you’ll have to fill out the agreement and will get access to course material immediately. After successful payment, we will book our first mentorship call.


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How much time do I need for the mentorship weekly?

The mentorship is made for people who have a job or at least another side hustle. You’ll need 1-2 hours for the video material, 1 hour for the homework, and 2 hours for the weekly calls.

I'd love to do the mentorship, but I'm not sure if I can commit for 2 months in terms of time or money already.

Sure, no worries. In that case you can start partially with 4 calls, and see if it makes sense for you to continue. You’ll have to pay $1,250 in that case without any surcharges.

What are prerequisites for the mentorship?

Prerequisites are:

  • Self-discipline & motivation: This is not school.
  • Fast WIFI, a working headset, and a working webcam. We cannot do Zoom calls without those.
What's offered in Mentorship Lite?

The biggest difference is that the Mentorship Lite comes without calls. It is made for self-learners who are on low budget to go through the material themselves. If you’re a visual learner (like the majority of our audience), we can highly recommend you to do the mentorship with calls together with your mentor, because you can quickly rehearse & reiterate unclear points when doing the calls. This has a major effect on your capabilities to learn faster. But other than calls, the Mentorship Lite also entails all the material like videos, homeworks & solutions, and trading metrics setup with Google Sheets & Data Studio. This might make sense if you’re on a low budget/cannot afford the full mentorship.


Hoppla! Die Schwelle von 100 Abonnenten für das Paket ist bereits erreicht. Aber du kannst gerne deinen Kontakt hier eintragen, um den ersten Monat 50% billiger zu fahren! Wir melden uns dann, sobald du buchen kannst.

Hoppla! Die Schwelle von 100 Abonnenten für das Paket ist bereits erreicht. Aber du kannst gerne deinen Kontakt hier eintragen, um den ersten Monat 50% billiger zu fahren! Wir melden uns dann, sobald du buchen kannst.